Users Protest Vapor Cigarette Regulation through Open Letter to MEPs Reviews DigitalSmoke.Org

With e-cigarettes, where vapors rise, so does debate


It is also very addictive and many people that have tried quitting have not been able to do so alone. Ego ecig has helped numerous smokers successfully quit even when other methods have failed. Smoking cigarettes is dangerous for every organ in your body; from your skin to your lungs. Even your heart is damaged by cigarette smoke. One in five deaths in the United States is caused by cigarette smoke.
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” E cigarettes are not a medicinal product and as users we do not see ourselves as ill or in treatment; we are not, says an electronic cigarette user. In an e cigarette review , it was revealed that users enjoy electronic cigarette and they have switched to this battery operated device up to many extents. The protest is the consequence of their favor.
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A Senate committee analysis of Corbett’s bill notes that the cigarette industry has successfully resisted having the product regulated as a drug by the FDA. In response, anti-smoking activists are pushing to have them regulated like tobacco. Stan Glantz, a professor of tobacco control at UC San Francisco who supports Corbett’s bill, said e-cigarette companies brought the increased scrutiny upon themselves. The companies, he said, “talk out of both sides of their mouths. When it’s convenient to be a cigarette to avoid FDA (medical) regulations, they’re a cigarette. And then other times, they say, ‘We’re not a cigarette.’ ” In 2010, Corbett succeeded in passing legislation to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.
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Electronic Cigarettes Retailer Vapor Jedi Launches New Canadian Website

Additionally, some question electronic cigarettes safety and believe that vaporizers could be just as harmful to people as smoking real cigarettes. But according to an article on, “There have been no reported negative side effects even in people who vaporize heavily all day every day for years. Unlike a cigarette, you don’t actually burn anything and pretty much all you inhale is a bit of water vapor and the flavor of your choice. Everything from chocolate, to fruit, to bacon, to tobacco, you can get eJuice in pretty much any flavor you can imagine.” Vapor Jedi’s line of Canadian eJuice with nicotine or without is available exclusively on the new website.
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