Editorial: LIRR is right to ban e-cigarettes

A person smokes an electronic cigarette, or

The Food and Drug Administration has said it is generally safe for use in food. However, the long-term risks of inhalation are not clear. A German cancer institute reviewed research on e-cigarettes and said secondhand exposure may raise a child’s risk for asthma. Further, the German study said: “Adverse health effects for third parties exposed cannot be excluded because the use of electronic cigarettes leads to emission of fine and ultrafine inhalable liquid particles, nicotine and cancer-causing substances into indoor air.” As the devices are touted as an aid to quit smoking, U.S. cigarette makers are jumping into the market with flavors that include strawberry and pina colada. Meanwhile, the FDA is studying e-cigarette health effects and whether to regulate the devices as it regulates tobacco.
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Are e-cigarettes safe?

I know that we dont know all the facts on whats in it yet, but I do know its a lot safer than regular cigarettes. But are they? Its a burning question the U.S. government cant answer. Unlike tobacco products, e-cigarettes arent regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.
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Chicagoans help on electronic cigarettes study

It may say there’s no nicotine in (e-cigarette cartridges), but in some products that have been tested there have been high levels of nicotine found within them. She said she’s also concerned that because the devices, in some cases, look like real cigarettes, it is normalizing cigarette use. Candy-flavoured e-cigarette cartridges may also be attractive to youth, Brunet-Fechner said. As well, there also isn’t enough known about the impact the vapour from e-cigarettes might have on others, so she advises workplaces and other public venues against allowing the devices. In an email statement, Health Canada said because the safety, quality and efficacy of these products remains uncertain, it continues to advise Canadians not to use e-cigarettes, as they may pose health risks.
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Electronic Cigarette Company Launches New Website

For years I would tell myself I was going to “Quit Smoking” just to pick right back up where I left off…. And then some! I’m not one for gimmicks. Like most people I came across a few folks using the Electronic Cigarettes and in the back of my mind wondered if they really worked,” says Kenneth Frank.
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