Health officials worry about electronic cigarette push in Colorado

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Since at least 2009, the federal Food and Drug Administration has warned about potential health risks associated with e-cigarettes. In addition to nicotine, the products contain substances such as propylene glycol and artificial flavors that may, the agency warns, penetrate deeply into the lungs. However, the products – at least for now – are not regulated. More than a dozen states, including Colorado, have banned the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.
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Allowing them has the benefit of representing one less smoker outside, and generally being supportive of someone not smoking cigarettes, and each user represents sticking it to big tobacco. The ban went down in Seattles King County, but Tacomas Pierce only accepted a partial ban. In Olympias Thurston county there is no ban at all, with movie theaters in Bremerton allowing them in the back rows. Seattle and Tacoma the bans are largely ignored. I have no clue what you have in NYC that smells like burning toe cheese. seanjkil If you want to attack e-smoking I would stick with the fact that there is no regulation of the places that create the e-liquid nor any regulation of the contents of whats actually in the e-liquid.
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eSmokers – Breaking the Law or Just Our Patience?


As per tech-cigarette, Smokeless vapor cigarettes currently are priced way below the real cigarettes, which is why they are preferred over traditional cigarettes. At the same time, smokeless cigarettes are also free from most of the highly toxic chemicals present in regular cigarettes. In fact, statistically, it has been proven that e cigs are allowing smokers to save a whooping 75% of their original smoking bills on a monthly basis. Hence, vapor smokeless cigarette starter kits are ideally suited to meet the demands set forth by the budget conscious smokers. It has also been noticed that most smokers opting for top rated smokeless vapor cigarettes are those who wish to quit smoking permanently but are unable to do so, owing to several reasons, which also includes their addiction towards nicotine. Hence, by opting for e cigs, they are able to slowly lower down their daily nicotine consumption and thereafter, quit smoking permanently.
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